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Name:Christopher Pike
Christopher Pike

Pike was born at the Mojave Settlement on Earth. As a young man, he rode horses, his favorite being Tango. Not much else is known about Pike's personal life or life prior to Starfleet.

Upon entering Starfleet, Pike went through the academy passing his courses with flying colors. He proved himself to be a fair and capable candidate for command. He rose through the ranks in a record of four years, the fastest promotion rate prior to James T. Kirk.

He also served as the Academy's Executive recruiting officer.

After the events of Star Trek XI, Pike was promoted to Admiral and is in a wheelchair recovering from his ordeal.
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Christopher Pike is a character from the 2009 movie, Star Trek and is played by Bruce Greenwood.

I am in no way affiliated with Mr. Greenwood, Star Trek or any other entity affiliated with the franchise. This account is for RP and fan-fic purposes only, no infringement of rights is intended.

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